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IMMEDIATE YEAR-END TAX PLANNING IN VIEW OF TAX REFORM On Wednesday, December 20, 2017, both the House and Senate finally agreed on a tax bill that was signed into law on December 22, 2017 by President Trump. This bill is prospective only, will not apply to 2017 transactions and will be generally effective January 1, 2018. Although, some of the business provisions are forward thinking and likely to slow inversions, make U.S...     Read more

"21st CENTURY FAMILY OFFICE STRUCTURES," authored by Tom Handler and published by the Family Office Association Family offices, largely unknown twenty-five years ago, have emerged as the twenty-first century global best-in-class solution for affluent families striving to achieve long-term wealth management and preservation. The...    Read more

2017 FAMILY WEALTH ALLIANCE LEADERSHIP AWARD FOR LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT CONFERRED ON THOMAS J. HANDLER At the Family Wealth Alliance Fall Forum held at the Union League Club of Chicago, Alliance CEO Thomas R. Livergood and James H. McLaughlin, a strategic consultant to family offices and wealth firms, presented the award. Mr. McLaughlin stated, "[Tom] is an advocate, counselor, trustee as mentor...    Read more

HANDLER THAYER, LLP 2017 LAW FIRM AWARDS We are pleased and humbled to announce that in 2017 Handler Thayer, LLP has been recognized by the following independent organizations with their awards for excellence in the practice of law...    Read more

"VIRTUAL FAMILY OFFICES - a global trend" from the International Family Offices Journal - authored by Tom Handler As the global proliferation and concentration of wealth continues to escalate, family offices have emerged as the best-in-class approach to achieving long-term wealth management and preservation. In recent years, virtual family offices...   Read more

HANDLER THAYER, LLP SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS, CONFERENCES & EVENTS Tom Handler participated in the NAREIM Capital Raising & Investor Relations Council Meeting on the topic "Family Offices: How do they view commercial real estate investing?" on December 7th. Eric Kalnins presented on "What a European Company Should Know About Doing Business in the United States" to various Latvian businesses and Latvian government officials on Friday, October 27th at the Waldorf Astoria in Chicago...    Read more

UNIQUE YEAR-END, PRO-ENVIRONMENT TAX SAVING STRATEGY How can you cut your current-year income tax liability in half and achieve lasting environmental benefits? With the proper application of a conservation easement strategy. Since 1980, via IRC 170(h) the US Tax Code has recognized conservation easements (CEs) as favored charitable deductions… Read more

HANDLER THAYER, LLP PRESS AND PUBLICATIONS Andrew Stroth was recently named to the Board of Directors of Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law. Eric Kalnins was featured in the article “Overture Council members get involved with other volunteer groups” on the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s website on November 3rd...     Read more