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ESTATE & GIFT TAX ALERT: New Proposed Regulations Will Curtail Valuation Discounts on Family-Held Entities; December Deadline Looms The Treasury Department recently released new Proposed Regulations under Section 2704 of the Internal Revenue Code (“§2704”) that, if adopted as Final Regulations in substantially the same form, would limit and possibly eliminate valuation discounts on...Read more

HANDLER THAYER, LLP FIRM AWARDS We are pleased to announce that Handler Thayer, LLP has been recognized with the following independent 2016 awards for excellence in our profession: Winner - Best Legal Team in North America...Read more

PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES CLINTON AND TRUMP OFFER VASTLY DIVERGENT ESTATE AND GIFT TAX PROPOSALS Clinton would increase the top rate to 65%, freeze exemptions at the 2009 level, and tax capital gains at death; Trump would repeal the gift, estate, and GST taxes but eliminate basis step-up at death...Read more

HANDLER THAYER, LLP SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS, CONFERENCES & EVENTS Tom Handler will speak on the panel “How to Structure your Family Office: A Strategic Planning Mechanism for Family Offices” at the Opal Financial Group Family...Read more

UNIQUE YEAR-END INCOME TAX SAVING STRATEGY - IDEAL FOR ENVIRONMENTALISTS Conservation easements can be used to protect agriculture, restore wetlands, protect animal migration routes, preserve a view or prevent high... Read more

AFRs FOR NOVEMBER 2016 ANNOUNCED The November 2016 applicable federal rates will increase from the October 2016 rates, reflecting a steepening of the yield curve.  The changes are not significant in absolute terms, but may be significant in proportionate...Read more

HANDLER THAYER ATTORNEYS EARN INDIVIDUAL ACCOLADES We are pleased to announce the local, national and international recognition given to our individual attorneys in 2016...Read more

HANDLER THAYER, LLP IN THE NEWS Andrew Stroth was featured in the Chicago SunTimes article "Attorney's Pivot Has a Purpose" which highlighted the shift in his career from working with celebrities to...Read more